happiness tag

What makes you happy?  Do you often take time to think of those simple things that bring a special light to your heart or smile to your face? A sweet friend, Paige, invited me to participate in another blog tag, and this one’s all about happiness!  Here are my answers.  I’d love to hear what … More happiness tag

count in Acholi

It’s a wonder how seemingly little things can completely light up someone’s day.  Like these kids and this video did for me.  I remember the moment like it was yesterday… My favorite little people at Living Stones Christian School taught me how to count in their language back when I was in Gulu.  I know, how sweet is that?!!  Whenever I’d … More count in Acholi

Christ is enough

Christ is my reward / And all of my devotion / Now there’s nothing in this world / That could ever satisfy / Through every trial / My soul will sing / No turning back / I’ve been set free Christ is enough for me / Christ is enough for me / Everything I need is in You / Everything I need Christ my all … More Christ is enough