{More of You}

More of You less of me make me who I’m meant to be \ You’re all I want all I need You’re everything \ take it all I surrender be my King \ God I choose more of You and less of me

More of You \\ Colton Dixon

The word showed up in the strangest places and caught you by surprise.  It first appeared in a magazine article, but you didn’t even notice.  Next day it popped up in a conversation when you met a friend for lunch.  Huh, strange…that sounds familiar.  I just read that somewhere, didn’t I?  You flip on the radio on the drive to the dentist and notice its presence in the lyrics of a song.  And look! it’s even posted on the billboard along the interstate.  All of a sudden this theme seems to bombard you every place you turn.  What’s this all about?  Merely coincidence?  God speaking?

In the seasons of life when we’re searching for deeper meaning or waiting on an answer from God we selfishly tend to expect some big response clearly written out in Scripture or across the sky.  We want Him to shout.  And you know what, sometimes He does just that, to show us his greatness and power.  Yet other times it isn’t as obvious.  Sometimes God whispers.  For the last 3 years I’ve noticed Him speaking to me in more of a quiet, mysterious way, giving a single word or phrase as a clue to uncover many hidden lessons and answers.  Have you ever experienced that before?

In the early months of 2012 I really struggled with discontentment.  Over the next year the word enough seemed to show up everywhere.  In magazines, on coffee mugs, quotes in my Pinterest feed…  Seriously, I couldn’t escape it and wondered why this word was following me!  Finally I recognized it as an invitation to explore God’s character.  Why the word enough?  What does God say about it?  By searching, God revealed to me that no person or thing in this world could ever make me happy.  He alone was enough to fill me and satisfy the longings of my heart.  It was an incredible time of growth, something I would have never experienced had God given me what I thought I needed in the timing I desired.

Big lesson, one word.

It occurred again the following year- 2013 was a season of surrender.  I laid down some of my lifelong dreams in exchange for God’s will.  And 2014 will be remembered for the things God led me through to learn to trust Him with the direction of my future.

Now we welcome 2015.  Do I have a word yet?  No, not this year.  This time I find myself returning to three words:

{More of You}

It started with a song that came out last summer- More of You by Colton Dixon.  Not just a catchy tune, it was actually the lyrics that instantly gripped me and became my anthem and prayer.  Then I started reading it in books.  Familiar Bible verses popped off the page with new meaning during my morning devotions.

So this is what I’m focusing on in the coming months, while I’m here in the states, and when I’m overseas, in my photography and writing, in my relationships and service projects.  In everything.  Bringing myself lower and exalting Him high.  His desires above my own.  Not my will, but His.

I choose More of You, Jesus.  Less of me.

He must increase, but I must decrease.  He who comes from above is above all…

John 3:30-31a


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