So Thankful

Oh my goodness, guys!  If I could only grab you up in the biggest hug right now, I’d squeeze you tight and whisper in your ear over and over and over again

Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!!

I feel like I’ve already exhausted every possible expression of gratitude over the last few months.  I am SO grateful for such an overflow of love shown to me as I have prepared for my summer in Uganda.  Your generosity in stepping up and and blessing me so far above and beyond anything I ever prayed for leaves me speechless.

I can’t stress enough how prayer is the biggest way you can possibly support me.  Your financial gifts are helping me now to physically travel to Uganda, but it will be intercession with the Lord on my behalf that will sustain me while I’m there.

Tire toy

To all my committed prayer warriors, here are a couple specific things you can pray for today:

    • Teaching.  Ok, I’ll just be honest with y’all, I’m extremely apprehensive about teaching!  Had I been asked to fill this role a year ago I would have immediately said no, using the excuse that teaching just isn’t my gift.  The last 12 months have been filled with abundant opportunities to grow in this area through teaching roles within my home and church, and getting into the habit of sharing the Gospel regularly has boosted my confidence, but I still have lingering fears about sharing with people older than me what if I mess up?  what if I stumble over my words? …So pray for the Spirit to fill me with messages of truth and that I would confidently share of the hope that is within me.  I trust that God is in this…I just need to step out of my comfort zone and let Him take control.

Sharing Pictures

  • Relationships.  I have long had this weighing on my heart…the last thing I want to do is return with the attitude that I am superior in any way to the Acholi people.  I’m not.  Sure, there may be things I can teach them (after all, that’s what I’ve been asked to do), but there is also a wealth of knowledge these people have to share with me.  An effective way to share Christ will be to build relationships first.  Establish trust and friendship, invest in their lives and have them teach me first, then use that as an opening to minister to their hearts.  Please begin praying for conversations to come up.  Pray for openness and vulnerability.  Pray for humility.

Hannah & friend

  • Only God.  This mission is His.  These people are His.  I am His.  I realize that I can hop on a plane, label myself “missionary”, and pour myself out teaching people every day this summer, but if this time and mission aren’t devoted to and sustained by Him it’s ultimately worth nothing.  Only God can draw hearts to Himself.  Pray that even now I will will surrender myself to the Lord daily, finding my purpose and strength in Jesus, not in myself, and trusting in Him to accomplish much through me.

Tire toy

Thank you all!  I love each and every one of you so much!  Your friendship is such a treasure to me.  Together we are partnering to obey God’s call to reach the lost!

Let us see that we keep God before our eyes; that we walk in His ways and seek to please and glorify Him in everything, great and small. Depend upon it, God’s work, done in God’s way, will never lack God’s supplies.

-Hudson Taylor


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