Joy in the Jewelry Room

june 5

june 5
We’re so blessed to have Morgan visiting from Swaziland for a week! The ladies have been more than happy to teach her how to roll beads.

june 5

june 5
There is never a shortage of babies to care for when we come each day 🙂

june 5 june 5 june 5 june 5

june 5
Look at those smiles! how priceless is that?!

june 5

“A joyful heart is good medicine…”
\\ Proverbs 17:22\\

june 5

What thoughts fill your mind and heart when you see photos like these?

Believe it or not, the jewelry room didn’t always look like this.  These women didn’t come in every morning chattering, telling stories, laugh or singing as we experience now.  You’d rarely see the life and joy which very well define Life Beads today.  Back in the beginning the women arrived quietly, fulfilled their work quota for the day and left just as silently as they came.  Making jewelry was a job that helped them provide for their families, nothing more.  But over the years God has transformed this workroom into a beautiful place of ministry, and though it He is touching lives though the Gospel each day.  It is also a powerful testimony of the faithfulness  and diligence of the missionaries (especially Kimmey) who come in teaching and tirelessly investing in these women on a regular basis, engaging in their personal lives as well as sharing the Word.

These pictures tell a story of recreation, empowerment and hope…and it’s one still being written!

I would appreciate your prayers for us in these specific ways in the weeks ahead:

  • I’m still busy preparing devotions, and have settled on leading the women through a topical study of Our Identity in Christ this summer.  Pray I would be attentive to the Spirit as I plan, and diligent in study each day.
  • Pray for our believing sisters in the jewelry program to mature in their faith through our discipleship/discussion times.

Today I read something about discipleship in a book which stuck out to me as noteworthy:

“Does “disciple all nations” [Matt. 28] not call to mind how Jesus himself discipled his men?  They were, after all, his disciples.  And when they heard him say, “disciple all nations,” would they not think this discipling is similar to the very thing that He did with them- investing prolonged, real-life, day-in, day-out, intentional time with younger believers in order to personally grow them to maturity, as well as model for them how to disciple others in the same way?……..Discipling, as seen in this light, means not merely the pursuit of our own spiritual maturity but getting outside ourselves for personal connection and substantial, intentional investment of time in a few others…” \\ David Mathis, from Finish the Mission

  • That’s my prayer for the summer…that like Jesus, I would be very intentional in connecting and make the most of every moment I have with these ladies over the summer.  As I strive to follow His example in this, pray that their personal walks with the Lord will deepen and that this would inspire them to be similar examples of Christ to other people they come in contact with.
  • There are still many women working with Life Beads who have yet to place their faith in the Lord.  Being in the LB program and having been exposed to the Gospel consistently, we see evidence that God has already begun a work in each of their hearts.  So please pray for those seeds of hope to flourish as the Word is spoken and demonstrated to them in the coming days.

I can only imagine what the atmosphere of the jewelry room will be like once every one of these ladies discovers the Source of joy and recognizes their need for the Savior and newness of life. Wow that’s a heart-warming thought 🙂


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