Who Am I?

june 18

june 18

june 18

june 18

june 18

june 18

Who Am I?

On day one of study, I asked the jewelry ladies to answer this question.  I got several answers, like I am a bead roller, I am a farmer, I am a mother.  While these are things they very well may identify with, surely we can all agree than occupations or titles or circumstances are temporary and should not define who they are.

This summer we are exploring what the Word says about our identity in Christ.

First we discussed how We are Creatures, created in God’s image, fully dependent on Him, and morally accountable to Him.  This past Monday we touched on We are Sinners, born into sin as a result of Adam’s disobedience, now slaves to the world, the devil and our sinful nature, and objects of God’s wrath.  And on Wednesday we reached We are in Christ, the good news that we do not have to remain sinners, salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice is available to all, and we must choose to trust, repent, and daily submit to the Lord.

So now the question is, how should one “in Christ” live?  I’m so excited about the next 5 weeks because we will get to dive deeper into Scripture to find out how we should act, think and respond like Christ would as we go about our daily lives.

On Wednesday I was thrilled by how engaged many of the women were in telling me what they learned.  Several of them shared specific ways that these lessons have convicted them and how they intended to change.  Wow!  You can’t imagine how greatly that warms my heart!  It’s all God.  Let’s glorify Him together for this answered prayer!


5 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Amen! So excited for this study you are doing with the ladies 🙂 will be praying as God uses you to encourage and edify these precious women that their relationship with Christ grows even stronger and that His word touches and stirs the hearts of those who have not yet surrendered. ❤

  2. Praise the Lord….your teaching is not falling on deaf ears…..slowly you gain the trust and attention of these ladies from another land….all ripe for the picking…..full speed ahead, Hannah Ashley…what a blessing you are to all you touch.♥

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