Lead us Not into {the American} Temptation

This summer Kimmey and I are going through the book, “Finish the Mission”, together. It’s a compilation of writings from several of my favorite Christian authors/speakers (Louis Giglio, David Platt & John Piper…just to name a few), written on one of my favorite topics: missions. I recommend it highly to anyone! The message is for every believer, to help us understand the incredible privilege and responsibility given to us when we choose to surrender our lives and follow Him.

Anyway, in her most recent blog, Kimmey shared her takeaway from this week’s chapter on The Lord’s Prayer and our responsibility to be good stewards of the gifts and abundant resources God has given those of us who live in America. Be challenged!

The Barbrey Tales

The Lord's Prayer
. The American Dream. The two car garage, with two cars actually inside, a fancy house with everything inside we could ever need to clutterthe heck out ofevery nook and craning in the dream house; that we do not actually own because we are up to our ears in dept trying to keep up with the “Jones”.

Temptation. The innate ability inside all of us to hoardway more than our dailybreadlike we are theIsraelite’s hoarding manna in the wilderness.

Temptation. The ability to idolize materialpossessions or any spiritual blessings.

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