Sweet Home Alabama

Friends & family, you mean the world to me!  Thank you so much for being the amazing friends that you are!  I wouldn’t have survived the summer without the body of Christ covering me with prayer like you did.

Sorry for the delay, guys… YES!!!  I made it back safely a few days ago, and am settling into life in America ok.  Several of you seemed surprised that I was so perky at church yesterday, asking how I’m readjusting.  Well maybe you just didn’t see me pinching myself to keep from dozing off during service haha.  In all seriousness though, jet lag actually hasn’t been much of a problem this time around, thanks to Coca Cola and a random nap here and there ;P.  However, I’m beginning to experience reverse culture shock, which is so hard emotionally.  I’d appreciate your continued prayers for me as a process all these changes.

Living in a third world country for two months, seeing, tasting, feeling, and experiencing things entirely counter to American culture, changed me for the good.  It made me realize how deeply blessed I am, and through that God taught me why He blessed me so greatly: to be a blessing.

Being broken and poured out in Uganda was only the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life in Christ which I don’t intend to close and put away now that I’m back in the U.S.  I may be living in another context, but the mission isn’t over.  There are people right where I am who are lost without Christ, and need the Gospel proclaimed and demonstrated to them day in and day out, just like those whom I came in contact with this summer.  As a born again follower of Christ, this is my responsibility and privilege, to be an ambassador of God in Alabama, in Uganda, and everywhere in between.  Isn’t that exciting?  I get chill bumps just thinking about the future and the wonderful ways God will continue to use all these lessons from Africa to better equip and empower me to advance the kingdom here in the states and across the globe.  It’s my prayer that they have been an inspiration and motivation for you, too!

Stick around!  More memories from the end of my trip coming soon!

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations.

Psalm 67:1-2


7 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. So glad you have returned safely! Missed seeing you yesterday…Mary Katherine graduated with her MEd so we were in Auburn celebrating! Cannot wait to hear all about your life! Oswald Chambers (MUHH) says it best: “The greatest thing for us to remember is that we go up to Jerusalem to fulfill God’s purpose, not our own…We have no idea what God’s goal may be; as we continue, His purpose becomes even more and more vague.” Praying for you to continue in His Will.

  2. Welcome home Hannah, great to see you back safe. Thank you so much for sharing and your insight while traveling on God’s journey. I have saved several of your post to use in my Sunday School class (hope you don’t mind).

    Stay true to the walk.

    In God’s love, Houston

  3. Welcome home sweet Hannah! I know you are busy readjusting to life in Alabama, but we look forward to seeing you and hearing about your mission trip….hopefully we can come for a short visit in the next month…will mail you a letter very soon…I am still praying for you daily as you continue your walk along God’s path….Hugs to you….Love you, Aunt Bobbie♥

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