Open Doors

I’m headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!!!

It’s a missions trip through my church, only a week and a half away!!

Wait!  Say that again?!

God works in some wild ways, y’all!  While I was in Uganda this summer I shared the Gospel through discipleship specifically among the Acholi women out at Abaana’s Hope.  Discipleship? What is that anyway?  Simply explained, it’s watering seeds of the Gospel already planted by another, with the emphasis being on growth and maturity.  This was my mission in Uganda.  All those weeks of study among the women were perfectly arranged by God.  Having already been exposed to the Truth, these women just needed their roots to spread out, they needed to go deeper.  I can’t say enough good things about that experience.  Sharing my heart with those ladies and encouraging them in the Lord was downright frightening at times (I was extremely apprehensive about it all leading up to the trip), but wow!  I praise God for calling me to step out of the boat and walk out on the water.  I grew significantly in my faith, overcoming hurdles of fear and doubt, and I saw God work in others’ lives in amazing ways.

Now he’s asking me to do it again.  Over the last few months in my personal time of study and prayer I felt God pressing it on my heart that I really needed to grow in another area: evangelism. Evangelism?  Now what’s that?  Basically, it’s planting seeds of the Gospel in people’s hearts.  Being obedient to God’s command to proclaim the Message of salvation to the lost.  So feeling this hunger to grow in Christ in this new way I just began praying for an open door to learn from more mature believers and actively do something with this…I don’t know what you’d call it? faith exercise?…from God.  So here He just dropped an opportunity in my lap overnight.  It all came up quite unexpectedly…a spot freed up for this trip to Winnipeg and my pastor gave me a call feeling like I would be a good candidate to fill the available position on the ministry team. God immediately gave me a peace confirming that this was His answer to that prayer, so before the end of the day I was in.  Amazing, is it not?  Yes it was all God.  {More of Him} overflowing…  That’s been my theme of the year, and more of Him I am definitely seeing!

Can I beg of you all more prayers?  All of this info is still a whirl in my brain and I hardly know what to ask you to pray for, but here are a few things on my mind at this moment:

  • Pray for me as I spend the next two weeks getting ready!!  The team has met for training since May and since I’m just now joining in I’m going to have to cram some study time!  Lots of prayer and practicing presenting the Good News through Evangecubes and other materials.
  • Pray for limited distractions and a clear mind focused on the Lord and what I need to learn from His Word.
  • Pray for safe travels and a safe return.
  • Pray for my teammates.  They’re all my church family and I love them dearly, though we’ve never spent a whole week together or served alongside one another in this capacity.  Pray for unity and effectiveness as a group and that we would be encouragement to one another, not a distraction.  Our sights are set on Jesus, and our mission collectively to advance the kingdom this week.
  • Pray for boldness.  I have more of an outgoing personality and rarely meet a stranger, but that’s usually in the context of a comfortable gathering.   It’s SO not my thing to walk up to a person and initiate conversations, especially about my faith, on the streets.  Talk about pushing way past comfort zones!  Yet that’s what we’ll be doing.  In malls in parks and other public places.  Wow.  I really don’t know what to think.  My reaction is naturally fear, but I’ve seen God use my weakness in that area to prove His strength in me time and time again this year.  I can’t help but be super excited to see how He moves during this trip.
  • Pray for hearts. For sparked interest by passers by as we initiate conversation with the people of Winnipeg, and abounding opportunities to directly impact lives with the true Gospel during our weeklong trip.
  • And if you only pray one thing, pray this: that God be glorified in all things.  We long to know Christ more and make Him known among all peoples so that ultimately God receives every ounce of praise.

Oh I’m SO pumped up about this trip!!!  Thank you friends for your support in all that God’s leading me to.  He is sovereign over my life and it is such a joy to follow where He directs!  Blessings!

For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 13:47


6 thoughts on “Open Doors

  1. What a wonderful opportunity….and a great way to follow up on all the things you learned in Africa! I will be praying:-)

  2. Praying for you sweet Hannah Ashley….I just now got you prayed back from Uganda…lol but I am your prayer warrior for the next however long you need me…..Love, Aunt Bobbie♥

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