December 28, 2000 {a salvation story}

It’s one of the few nights from my childhood that is still as vividly etched in my mind as if it happened yesterday…

December 28, 2000.

I had slipped on pj’s and crawled into my Winnie the Pooh decorated bed in the room I shared with my sisters.  There really wasn’t anything unique to distinguish that evening from others aside from the fact that after daddy tucked me in, prayed over us girls, and leaned over to kiss me, I piped up and told him that I wanted to become a Christian.

And it wasn’t a sudden decision.  I had grown up observing my parents’ and sister’s Christ-like examples, and hearing the Gospel message taught every week in Sunday School.  That night, however, my little 6 year old heart was stirred by an increasing knowledge that sin separated me from God, and that there was no way to be with Him forever apart from Jesus.

So Daddy reminded me of everything I had learned…how God’s love for me was unconditional and that though I had fallen short of His perfection He still wanted to know me and call me one of His children.  He shared how Jesus took my sin upon Himself and died the death I deserved that I might live with Him forever.

Then Dad asked me if I believed and questioned whether or not I wanted to accept His gift of salvation.  I did, 100%!  So we bowed our heads and I repeated, words of repentence, commitment and thanksgiving.  And that was the simple beginning of this wonderful journey of faith!

There’s really no way to describe how I felt in that moment.  I fell asleep with a new light inside.  The Spirit made my heart His home!  How could I not be overjoyed, totally at peace, and crazy excited all at once?!

The next morning I woke up with a passion to tell everyone around that I was a new creation in Christ.  Mom bought me a gift and we celebrated my decision to become a Christian like it was my birthday.  Because it was…the day I was reborn!

That was 15 years ago today, and I’m celebrating still!  My life hasn’t been the same since I first surrendered to Jesus on that cold December night.  He fills my heart with the same light, the same joy and hope each and every day.  ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Him.  What an privilege to follow.  What an honor to be counted among God’s family.  And what a mission to tell His story of love for the world.

Glorify the Lord with me!

My soul will rejoice in the LORD, exulting in his salvation.

Psalm 35:9


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