The world searches up and down, near and far for glimmers of Hope.  We seek it like a light in the darkness.  It drives us to keep going when we feel there’s nothing left to hold onto.

Hope is a person, Jesus Christ.  It is trust in Him to accomplish His will in our lives and a peaceful expectation that He has the future perfectly planned out.  Only He can satisfy and support us in this life.

Join me as I explore more about Hope in 2016!

Lord, thank you for Jesus and for loving us so much that you gave Him up to bring hope to our broken world.  God, what hidden mysteries of hope will you reveal this year?  What does your Word say?  What have your people experienced?  How will you transform me?  What will the future look like?

Thank you for constantly changing me and molding me into your image through the passing seasons, Lord.  Thank you for speaking to me through your Word, through prayer and your people.  Thank you for the painful pruning just as much as the gentle reminders. Thank you for inner peace and outward signs.

Jesus, glorify yourself in me this year.  I desire to know you more than anything, and to be a part of your eternal kingdom plan.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Romans 12:12


2 thoughts on “{Hope}

  1. Your prayer is beautiful. 💙
    As you saw on my blog, LIGHT is my word. I’m excited to see what God will teach me in this year, and also excited to see how He uses HOPE to change your life. 😍

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