Leap of Faith

Here’s a little update I wrote for my photography site just now. You can just ignore everything about the business side of things…skip straight to paragraph 3.

This is an exciting leap of faith in God! Will you join me?

A Glimpse of His Glory

Happy 2016 to everyone!!!

I hope you all are well this January, keeping bundled up well in the frigid weather!  Down here in the deep South we get grouchy when it gets below 40° outside!  Well, maybe I’m only speaking for myself haha 🙂

These last 6 months have included quite the whirlwind of events!  In addition to various happenings in my personal life, in August I returned from a summer overseas and was immediately swept onto the rollercoaster of what ended up being my busiest season of business to date.  I owe that to all of YOU, sweet friends, and thank God for this opportunity to glorify Him through photography!  I adore your smiles, your joy and all these memories you’re making!  Truly, I could never fully express my gratitude for giving me the honor of freezing these moments in time for you and your family!  THANK YOU!!!

There are still many…

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2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. Hey Hannah….
    What is faith if we don’t take those leaps of faith?! Be assured that as you leap He will definitely catch you and carry you! That’s some pretty exciting stuff for you…..God bless you


  2. This is super exciting, Hannah!! I’m so glad you can go back to Uganda and share hope with these people!
    I will be thinking about you and praying as well! I look forward to your updates and hearing about your trip!
    May God bless you on this trip, friend. ❤

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