Language of Our Souls

Emotions and experiences can be expressed in song in ways spoken words can never satisfy.

I am not at all sure that song is not the language our soul speaks and understands most fluently.

Beth Moore // from ‘Stepping Up’

Oh how true this is!  These are a few songs that express my heart’s cry right now:

Spirit of the Living God

Brokenness Aside

You Make Me Brave

I Will Trust in You


To Be Like You

My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips.

Psalm 63:5


2 thoughts on “Language of Our Souls

  1. I love music, too, Hannah. Sometimes I get so blessed while listening and singing, I just weep…sometimes, there just are no words to express my gratitude to HIM for all He has done for me! I got your precious card in the mail, and oh, it was SUCH a dear blessing to me! I am so thankful you enjoyed your little goodies…I was so blessed by shopping in Lifeway and putting them all together for you. 😉 All glory be to God! The words on your card really touched me and brought me to tears…they couldn’t have come at a more opportune and needed time. Thank you ever so much! I am so thankful God orchestrated our paths to allow us to meet. May He ever hold you close to His heart. 🙂

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