Three P’s

No, I’m not going to tell a story about these three pots today 🙂  (But they are pretty fascinating, so if you’re curious, read about them HERE).

Just thought I’d give you the latest on how things are coming together for my return to Uganda!


I’m so excited that a travel date has been confirmed!  Tickets are being PURCHASED for me and Alex THIS WEEK!!  Can we do a little happy dance to celebrate?!!!  Together we fly out for Uganda the first week of June…that’s exactly 4 months away!  Eeeeekkk!!!  Needless to say, we are both on cloud nine!!


As this whole dream becomes a reality, it’s finally registering with me how much needs to be done before leaving!  I’m already shifting into a packing mindset.  What basic necessities does a 20-something girl need to live in Africa for 6 months?

I have no clue when I’ll have time to get ready for all this.  Working 3 part-time jobs is wonderful, though physically and mentally draining.  Veeeerrrry little free time, and it doesn’t look like things will slow down at all until mid-May either.  I might go crazy!!  God, please be my strength and help me prioritize what’s most important!

A little update on fundraising…God’s provision for this adventure has just blown my mind!  Last year YOU, my friends, were so generous that I received above and beyond what I needed for my last internship.  It was such and overflow that about half of this trip’s expenses were already covered.  Praise God!  And may He bless you for your kindness, dear people!!!!  With that jumpstart toward this trip and such wonderful sales of Life Beads in the last few months, I only have to raise about $1500 more before the end of May.

If you feel led to support me, I would be so grateful for any donations!  No amount is too small to make a great impact.  Remember, we are partnering together to be a reflection of Jesus around the globe.  Not everyone is physically able or called to travel overseas.  God will still use you just as much by giving to and praying for the mission!

Oh and purchasing Life Beads is also still an option…I still have a decent stash available!  They make great gifts!


Please continue to pray!  This is the biggest way you could possibly support me in the coming days.  Here are a few specifics to add to your list:

  • Please commit to praying for hearts to hear and receive the Gospel over the next few months.  You have seen from previous posts how the ministry at Abaana’s Hope is thriving.  God is moving in some pretty incredible ways in Northern Uganda!  But His work isn’t done yet!  There are still people searching, still lost souls that need to be freed from their bondage in sin, still young believers who need to live lives worthy of their calling as Christians.  Jesus is their only hope!  Pray for spiritual awakening, an increasing interest in Jesus among the Acholi people, and continual growth in Christ through discipleship.
  • I love the people at Abaana’s Hope SO MUCH!  Last summer the workers became such dear friends of mine.  I can’t wait to be reunited with them and do life together again.  I’m also excited to develop new relationships, and grow in Christ with these people.  So pray for me as I to prepare for any Bible studies/testimony sharing/mentoring.  It’s tough knowing where to start because I don’t have a clear idea of who I’ll come in contact with and what their specific needs will be.  Which leads me to my next request…
  • Pray for me to be drawn to the Word every day, for God to speak directly to me, and that I might have a deep and abiding love for the Lord.  Left to my own thoughts I get sidetracked SO easily.  Pray that He will always be first in my heart, for the Spirit to guide my words and actions, and for me to set an example worthy of imitation as I serve.
  • Pray for me to be a wise steward of my time NOW, during the remaining 4 months that I’m in the States.  It’s really tough trying to balance preparation for the future while living in the moment.  I want to give my family the best of me while I’m still here, and also actively serve in my church and community as long as possible.
  • Pray for me to say YES to the BEST opportunities and learn to lovingly say no to other things.
  • UPDATE!!  Please pray that I would be able to make arrangements with the U.S. and UG Embassies to extend my visitor’s visa past 90 days!

I love you, friends & faith family!  Have a blessed month of February!

Now I’m taking a break from blogging and all internet activity for a month (or more…we’ll see).  It’s part of being a good steward of my time, to refocus on the Lord and his assignments in this season.


4 thoughts on “Three P’s

  1. Oh, praise the Lord for ALL He is doing in and through your life, dear Hannah! I am so grateful to see a young person, such as yourself, SO in love with Jesus and so in tune with the mission He has for your life. He will see you through! He will make the crooked places straight, and as you set your heart upon Him in the days and weeks to come, He will absolutely prepare you for whatever challenge you may face in Uganda. He already knows who you will meet up with and what their particular needs are and will be in that season. Since He knows, He will prepare your heart and your mind to understand them and to have on hand what you need to minister to them, individually. I am so excited to see the plans unfold that HE has for you!! So grateful He is supplying your needs, and I have no doubt He will always do that. Serving Jesus for many, many years has taught me that He never assigns a task without providing everything needed to accomplish it. Bless you, dear one, and you can count on my continued prayers for you!

  2. So exciting things are coming together for you, Hannah!

    I’m excited to see what God does in your life over the time you are in Uganda!
    I will miss your posts, but completely understand needing a break.

    Have a blessed February! ❤

  3. God is so good! It is so exciting seeing what He is doing in your life! I can’t wait to see what He will do next! 🙂
    You inspire me so much, Hannah! ❤ Lord willing I will go to Africa some day, and who knows, maybe we can go together!
    Your sister in Christ,

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