Africa in motion…

Just a few days ago I had a little moment while watching a video.  A newfound blogging friend of mine posted a montage of photos and videos from the 3 months she served in Zambia, and it instantly set my heart racing.  I felt like I was there again!  Africa!  Ahhhh! that place and those people just capture one’s heart forever!

I saw Ella loving on those children, the red clay roads, and watched as they expressed their joy through dance, and it was just like Uganda…priceless laughter, unbound worship.  It just made me teary, and probably a bazillion times more excited to be returning in June!

After finishing that video I went back through files to see if I had any of my own, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed because I uncovered THESE gems!  I don’t know how I forgot about them for so long!  I’m super eager to share a few of these sweet moments with you– the dancing, waving, laughing and playing from June & July 2015 at Abaana’s Hope (and some even from the year before!).

Acholi tribal dance – 2014

This was nearly a year and a half ago, on my first trip to Uganda in 2014.  After an exciting church service at Living Stones Community Church the women gathered at what was then the kitchen clearing to praise God through traditional tribal dance.

Maurine learns to curl her tongue

Ok, this has got to be my favorite!  I keep asking myself why I was trying to get Maurine to make that pouty face (because pouting is cuter than smiling these days???…..please, NOOO! lol!).  Somehow in the middle of it, though, I taught her to do something that totally made her day!

Worship at Living Stones Community Church

Cassie and Johnathan sing

These two….they were always singing, always clapping, always dancing around!  Such sweet hearts lifting up hallelujahs in their native tongue!

Grace sculpts a pot – 2014

I’ve talked about Grace and her gift for pottery several times. You’ve seen pictures that were taken the afternoon that we crafted our own clay pots with Grace back in 2014.  Here she is cleaning up the pot I made…

Hannah & Jarred sing Jesus Loves Me

Jarred couldn’t speak much English, yet after hearing me teach some of the other kids to sing songs all summer and wanted to try.

Driving through the market in Gulu

I loved visiting the market!  There may have been smelly fish for sale at a few booths, but overall it was an exciting place!  I watched a man made flipflops out of tires, and hung around to see a woman sewing a dress…children appeared out of the strangest places, I guess playing hide and seek in and out of the “shops”.  Sadly, I didn’t get any video within the market, but you can get an idea of what it’s like from this clip I took driving around the outskirts.

ring around the roses

It never takes long for these kiddos to pick up on a new game.  This particular one touched my heart like no other, especially when I stepped back for a wider view and considered the setting, the circumstance, the children, and their overflowing delight derived from such simple things ❤

Acholi women singing

This was before our devotions one Monday.  Don’t you just love their enthusiasm?!!

Cassie calls a friend in Acholi

While Cassie and I were hanging out on the porch of the medical center one afternoon she saw a friend pass and was called out “Come here!  Come!  Come!  Come!  Come!  Come!  Come here!” in Acholi 🙂

I can’t wait to film more when I return to Africa.  I’ll still be using my phone, and probably take some horribly blurry clips, but honestly it’s not the quality that matters here– it’s the heart.

{{ A little update on the t-shirts: I placed the order for 50! shirts last night, and I’ve already heard that they’re due to arrive at my doorstep between May 11 & 13!!!  To my out of state friends, I will be shipping the shirts you reserved as soon as I receive them!  Thanks again for your support! }}


3 thoughts on “Africa in motion…

  1. Dear Hannah,

    I enjoyed watching all the videos. Those little children are so cute! 😀 I do hope you will take many more videos while you’re over there this time.

    Much love in Christ,

  2. I want to go!!!! It’s been a dream of mine for years to go to Africa and help the orphans one day, and watching these videos made my heart so happy. Thank you for sharing, this brightened my morning! I laughed watching the video of the adorable Maurine, and it was so sweet watching Jarred sing. Thank you so much!

  3. Ohh Hannah!! I just love these videos! They are so special. Makes my heart smile. 💙

    My favorites are when Maurine curls her tongue, Jared singing Jesus Loves Me, ring around the roses, and Cassie. ❤

    I'm so glad you shared these!!! 💛

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