the photo album


A few of us ladies visted Grace’s new home yesterday.  As she was sharing her story in length (which to me is one of the most heart-wrenching, inspirational testimonies you’ll ever hear) I spotted a small album lying on the table.  It was obvious the small book had been well loved.  Once its pages were opened I could tell that the pictures inside, and even more, the memories the photos bring back, mean so much to that family.

The girls flipped back to the photos taken on the day we met back in 2014.  We giggled.  Those little faces and genuine smiles!  It made my heart soar!


This reminds me why I pick up my camera each day and capture moments.  Why I want to spend the rest of my life investing in relationships like I have with Grace and her kids.  It’s a reminder to thank God for his provision and plan as this family does.

photo credit: Heather S.

One album, or even 100 albums, couldn’t contain the joy and beauty that encircles this family’s life now.  It’s such an amazing privilege to be a part of the memories they are making in this season.


3 thoughts on “the photo album

  1. This is precious, Hannah!! I’m sure that family cherishes those photos & memories!

    I love those joyful smile. 😍

    I love these updates, Hannah! Please keep them coming!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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