pray 2016: July


  • Please continue to pray for Holly, Ryan & Rachel West as they lovingly remember their husband and Dad.  Also specifically lift up Ryan, asking God to grant him strength and endurance as he returns to the Coast Guard, and that He would give Holly and Rachel peace and direction as they seek His will for their future.
  • It’s rainy season in Africa and the mosquitos are horrible over here, so it’s not a surprise that we’ve had so many children from the area come to the ministry and test positive with malaria.  Pray for healing over those who are sick with malaria, specifically for brothers Julius, Patrick, Herbert & Joshua as they’re suffering now.  Also pray that the Lord will provide for the families who can’t afford mosquito nets to cover their beds.
  • The son of Richard, one of our workers, is incredibly ill (I’m not sure of his name).  Sadly, I don’t even remember what’s wrong…something with his liver.  He was transfered by ambulance from Gulu to Kampala on Saturday and is now being treated in ICU.  Please pray for healing for this boy’s body, wisdom for the doctors as they treat him, comfort for the family, but more than anything for God’s will to be accomplished even through this sickness.
  • Pray that I’ll get my UG Visa extended soon!!  I’m working on getting that done, but over here you never know how long the process will take!  Also pray that I’m able to book my returning flight asap!
  • Pray for Angel, Tracy, Prisca & Vickie….some young ladies in the area whom us interns are beginning to mentor on a weekly basis.  Pray that as we open God’s Word together and discuss life they will be drawn closer to Christ and desire to live upright lives that glorify Him.
  • I’ve spent the greater amount of my time serving with our Child Development Program over the last month.  It’s one of the newer ministries begun at AH so I don’t think I’ve shared much about it yet.  Through sponsorships people all over the world have the privilege of helping children with urgent physical needs.  Pray for God to grant wisdom and discernment to Grace, Kevin, Patrick, Benson, Alex & I, as we assess the welfare of the children already enrolled in CDP.  Also pray for the children in CDP, that they would thrive physically and spiritually through this program.
  • Please pray for the children who are on the waiting list for sponsors with our CDP.  We have over 20 kids awaiting generous people who will support them!  Maybe God wants you to be a sponsor!  Pray about it!  I’ll try to get a post together soon about my personal experience with sponsorships and the lasting impact it has on both child and sponsor.  Be looking for it!
  • Continue to lift up the Josh & Kim Moody and their family as they adjust to life as long-term missionaries in Uganda.  It’s a pretty radical thing to do, selling everything and moving your family of 8 overseas.  As exciting as the adventure is, it’s certainly not easy.  So pray for an extra measure of grace, family stability, joy and contentment over them.
  • Pray for another team that’s coming in from AL at the end of this month!
  • Pray for Kris & Julie Mobbs and their kids to return safely to Gulu at the end of the month.
  • Be praying for Holly & Alex to have a full and productive final month here.
  • It’s really hard asking for prayer for myself.  I guess it’s just scary to be vulnerable and let others know that I’m not strong enough or equipped enough to handle life alone.  That I’m needy.  But really, I can’t do this- life.  I need Jesus, all of Him strengthening and leading me.  And I need you.  The beauty of being open and real within the body of Christ is that we can carry one another’s burdens and pray for each other’s needs.  So I’d like for you to please pray with me, for ME, these things: that I will learn to serve humbly here, putting myself, my desires, my plans and everything about me behind; that I will exalt the Lord high and seek His will in every situation; that I won’t be distracted by waves of doubt and confusion; that I will stop complaining about changes in plans or lack of a plan.  Pray that I will remember that I proclaim the Good News each day so that the nations will see the light of Jesus and put their hope in Him; that I will pour out my life here only that God will receive great glory and fame; and that I will faithfully share stories so that others can praise the Lord and be inspired by His work over here.

And now, how can I be praying for you?  Feel free to send me a message in the comments below or through the contact page…

I’m honored you want to be a part of this journey, friends!  Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

We must trust that God has all power and is working as we seek Him!


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