one month in Uganda

I don’t know which is harder for me to believe- that one month has already passed, or that I still have 4 1/2 months to go.  Really?  We’ve spent a whole month in Uganda already?  I can’t even…

This morning I lay awake in bed past midnight reflecting a bit on the last 4 weeks, and this is what I concluded:

Mid-June to mid-July was a rollercoaster.  I’m not kidding.  I get dizzy thinking back over how many heights we reached and how low some experiences brought us.  And like any amusement ride might shake you up a bit, I even had my share of feeling nauseous {thanks malaria meds}.

If you’re just joining this journey, go back and check out these posts from June and July (so far).  It’ll help you understand what I’m talking about: nothing but Jesusdrive from Entebbe to Gulusuch a time as thisbible study at the refuge centerthe photo albumbrother Myronnot your typical cookout.

The good thing is that we recognize that even with some unexpected twists and turns God has undoubtably been in control of the ride.  He’s kept us on the track, and has reminded us that before long, after a little fun, a little fear, a little excitement, a little regret, a little success, and a little suffering, we’ll reach our the final destination.

This summer isn’t anything like last year.  It’s been fun figuring out how to fit back in because I’ve changed quite a bit and so has the ministry.  I’m loving serving with CDP and spending a lot of time with the children again.  We’ve been SO busy!  I’m soaking up each moment!

Still, the experience has been different from any expectations I had…a good different most time, and other times a confusing different.  I didn’t imagine that our smiles and laughter would be mingled with tears and heartache.  I didn’t imagine that amongst such unity there would also be such discord.  God knew it would unfold like this, though.  If I’ve learned anything during this time, it’s to trust Him at all times.

I’m so much in awe of His grace poured out on our lives, and feel honored to having this opportunity to reflect His love and heart for the nations out here in the bush.

>>>More random posts with stories and photos in the works!  In the mean time, here are a few other highlights from June/early July>>>>

june collage

Bible study in an otlum
baby Daniel
Alex caring for baby Rachel when she was sick with malaria
I’m loving all the quality time with my sweet sponsored girl, Jamilla ❤
…while Gaines loves Bosco and his daddy…
…and the rest of the crew loves their ice cream from Comboni!
Helping kids write letters to their sponsors.
Holly teaches music lessons at the school every Tuesday and Thursday.
It’s one of my favorite things to spend morning break with the Kindergarteners at the nursery school!
Holly got to meet her sponsored girl, Prossy!
And Alex began sponsoring Winnie after becoming friends at church and around AH.
I painted the nails of the agriculture workers on Thursday…they were thrilled!
hair styling with Flavia, Monica & Beyonce
Jamilla and I carrying Jerry cans to the borehole on her jump rope.
I love these girlies so much! Go check out Alex’s blog post about our first month here! | credit: Addi
moving on to chapter two today!

I praise God for His nearness to us and ongoing work in the hearts of people at Abaana’s Hope.  Just what we’ve prayed for!  There is still much lostness out here in the bush, and that’s why we press on to proclaim the name of Jesus, serve in humility and glorify God in the way we live life among the Acholi people.

Thank you, sweet friends for reading!


4 thoughts on “one month in Uganda

  1. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I really love hearing about what God is doing there and also your life. He is so faithful no matter the circumstances.

  2. Loved this!! I adore the photos! ❤ Having them play with your hair is something I would love…!! *heart eyes* So many fun, but challenging times, I'm sure! 🙂

    Have a blessed day!! ❤

  3. Thank you for your honesty in sharing the difficulties as well as the joys! Working for the Kingdom isn’t always easy or fun, but always rewarding!

  4. Wow! what a month you have had there where your heart and the Lord led you. I am praying for you daily and nightly, that the words and actions would come to you in sharing His precious word to the people there in Uganda. Continue to be as positive as you can be, for you are possibly one of the few who truly care about their welfare and Christian growth. I am so proud of you. I love you, and am sending you the biggest bunch of (((HUGS))) I can put on paper…..Love you, Aunt Bobbie

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