celebrating God’s provision

Oh my goodness, friends!  My heart is celebrating so much, I can’t contain it!

Remember those 7 kids who urgently needed sponsors on the 17th?  Well 4 days later ALL SEVEN have been fully or partially sponsored, as well as two other children who were waiting on support!  We can’t stop praising God for his faithfulness and provision for these children!  THANK YOU for being a part of his plan to help these needy families!

Everytime word is received of another sponsorship the CDP staff over here has a mini dance party in the office.  The joy of the Lord is filling this place and God is moving in such incredible ways!  I promise to keep you updated and share of CDP work as the Lord continues to lead.

For any interested in sponsoring a child through the Abaana’s Hope Child Development Program, learn more here!  Our sweet Franca, Vanesa and Oscar still need second sponsors!

july 19
Sweet little Gerald wearing new clothes and eating his first nutritious breakfast thanks to the generosity of his recent sponsor!!

7 thoughts on “celebrating God’s provision

  1. Hannah, I would like to sponsor one of the children or partial sponsor whatever would be of most help.

    Thank you for your updates and the opportunity to help.

    Miss and love you!

    Miss Eve

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  2. Oh, PRAISE THE LORD!!! I wished so bad that I could sponsor a child, but as of now it’s not possible, but I knew that I could at least pray for each one to get a sponsor. Praising Jesus with you!! ❤

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