pray 2016: august


Last week I was asked how I manage to take pictures, process them and blog so often.  My secret?  I’m superwoman in disguise….jk,jk!  My secret is actually 3am.  Coming over here, it was REALLY challenging to adjust to the 8 hour time difference.  Like I’d fall asleep easily around 10 or so, but then be wide awake at 2:30 or 3.  Not wanting to just lie there in bed lazily I decided to make the best use of that time talking to my family, uploading photos and blogging all because internet doesn’t cost me a penny at that crazy hour!

But it’s different now.  Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve slowed down on posting.  Well happy to say that after 8 weeks here I’m finally settling down.  Sleepless nights are few and far between.  Same with free time during the day.  I guess it’s a good problem to have…

So blogging may be less, but hopefully what updates I do get written will still inspire many and encourage you to seek the Lord!  I’ve got 4 or 5 in the works 😉

prayer requests for August:

  • It’s only a month till the Payton family moves to Abaana’s Hope from South Alabama!! I am SOOO excited to welcome them!  Pray for safe travels and their settling into their new home.  God has great things in store for them and for this nation because of this family’s heart of love and service!
  • Pray for the Mobbs & Moody families, living life on the front lines for Jesus!  Both families began homeschool this week….a huge adjustment for some!  Pray for Julie & Kim as they teach each day, support from their husbands, and diligence in study from the kiddos!
  • Pray for my family, we’re all missing being with each other so much, this week especially.
  • Holly & Rachel West are making plans to come back to AH for a visit!  Pray for God to protect them physically while they travel and steady their hearts as they return home.  There’s no doubt they will feel many mixed emotions about being back here.
  • Pray for Alex & Holly B. as they settle back in at home and return to work & school this next week!  These will be a rough few months of processing changes and enduring reverse culture shock, so pray that the Lord will keep assuring them of His plan in their lives and give them extra measures of grace while they’re readjusting.
  • Richard’s son, Ramsey, whom I mentioned in July, was released from the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  The family has returned to AH, and Ramsey is back at school in the kindergarten here.  Continue to lift up this sweet boy as he regains strength and goes to town for follow-up appointments in the future.
  • Abaana’s Hope is starting a church plant in Gulu town!  The new gathering currently meets on Sunday afternoons.  Pray for word about this new fellowship to spread among the people in town and for the gospel to thrive and multiply!
  • My Ugandan visa STILL hasn’t been extended!! That needs to be done ASAP!! Please pray all that can get worked out soon!
  • Continue praying for the young ladies whom I’ve been able to disciple.  For some it’s a sweet time of fellowship and growth, while with others our meetings really require tough love and counsel.  I’m so stressed over one situation.  Please pray for wisdom and patience.
  • Please just pray for physical wellness among all the missionaries here that we may be strong and alert to effectively minister to the Acholi people.  In July I got scabies which was pretty miserable because it itched ALL OVER, ALL THE TIME.  Thankfully my mom was able to send some meds over with the July team and the rash has since cleared up.  Then this past week I had a fainting scare and some sickness that mimicked the flu (even after testing the doctor in town couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me!).  I’m just thankful that all the malaria tests have come back negative and that God healed me of my sickness so quickly.
  • Pray for Benson and his family as they mourn the passing of his grandmother this weekend.
  • The Child Development Program exploded in the last month!!!  Praise the Lord for the work that He has begun in the lives of all of our kids and the sponsors.  I’ll update you further on the progress early next week!

8 thoughts on “pray 2016: august

  1. Thank you again for the time and effort you put into the updates! It is so encouraging to hear how God is working in peoples lives halfway across the globe ❤ I'm glad to hear you've finally settled in 😉 I've often wondered how long it would take to get over the Major jet lag and time change! I will be praying for you, as always ❤


  2. Just read your blog and prayed through the requests. I will add these to all the request this next week at the 21 Days of Prayer. So very thankful for your healing from your fainting and flu-like symptoms earlier in the week. That was a quick answer! There were lots of people praying for you at RBC for sure. Love and Prayers, Ms. Teresa

  3. Hannah, Praying for all of your request but especially for that visa extension!!! So glad for your quick healing. God is so good. Love, Deana

  4. Dearest Hannah Ashley, I am still praying for you daily and nightly that the teens and women’s eyes and ears would be open to hear your message and teaching from our Lord and Savior….hope your visa will hurry up and get renewed…you are such a powerful witness and your time needs to be extended so you may lead these forgotten people to Christ. We are missing you terribly here in Alabama, but are willing to share you until Thanksgiving with Uganda and their needs. Have a good week. I love you so much and am sending you a supply of (((HUGS))) with this note too. Love, Aunt Bobbie

  5. Hey! How are you? Praying for you! I’m hoping to get a small journal to write down prayer requests.
    Hope you’re doing better!

  6. Praying for peace about your visa, praying for continued health, praying for your friends to know the healing touch of Jesus. We miss and love you!!

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