summer happenings with CDP

Hopefully you read yesterday’s post about sponsorships through Four Corners’ Child Development Program.  As part of the connection section I want to give sponsors a peek into what the summer has looked like for our kids….  Just one more way for you to be involved in the lives of your sponsored children!

  • A couple of our CDP kids got to attend an event on The Day of African Child in early June, where children from all over the continent spoke out about children’s rights and other national issues.  It was informative and interesting 😉
Alex, me, Morris, Vicky, Winnie & Andrew

june 12

june 12

  • While the June team was here all the younger kids were given fluoride treatment to protect their teeth!
Camilla giving Jamilla fluoride treatment
  • That same week all of the children supported before May came to write letters to their sponsors.
I helped Richard write to his sponsor, and my sweet friend from last summer, Auntie April.  Ah! That kid has my heart!  As of today (8/12/16) Richard still needs a second sponsor!
Winnie writing to her sponsors
  • After visiting the home and school of each child throughout June & July detailed reports were written and sent back to sponsors along with another updated photo.  (If you’re a sponsor, you’ll probably be receiving these soon!  I’m still working on taking the last few pictures!)
  • Several kids have had the amazing privilege of meeting and spending time with their sponsors!



july 24

august 7


  • We arranged a meeting with the parents of kids sponsored since June to walk through and sign the contract allowing their child to be a benefactor of the program.
oh Winnie…you make us smile!


Rose signing the contract for one of her sons
Justine, Steward & Oscar
and back to school they all go on the boda
  • Tony, our nurse at the clinic, tested all the CDP kids 13 and older for Hepatitis B (praise God, all the results came back negative!).  And I think it’s about time for all our kids to get de-wormed, too (yeah…just something you’ve gotta do in Africa– yuck!), so I guess that’ll happen in the next few weeks. 😉
  • Newly sponsored kids received food supplements and clothing.


Francis sporting his new outfit
Prossy, Kevin & Steward
  • On weekends the boys play football, coached by Benson.  Then the younger children attend Good News Bible Club led by Patrick & Agenorwot Saturday afternoons, while the youth go to a Bible study led by Pastor Sunday.  Choir practice immediately follows.


  • And there is always LOTS of random play, fun and laughter.  It’s such a delight to see the joy overflow from the heart of these children whose lives have been changed through this program!


july 30

july 30
As of today (8/12/16), four of these fun guys still need second sponsors! Check out the CDP page on the FCM website to learn more!
july 30
As of today (8/12/16) these two funny guys in blue, Brian, and his older brother, Sunday, still need second sponsors!

july 30

Upcoming events for the kids…

  • School will be out in early September for a month-long break.  Most of the kids will help their parents work in the garden during that time.  And based upon their progress in school, some of the children will have the chance to receive special tutoring from one of our teachers here during break to help boost their performance for the next term.
  • We’re planning a “Centre Week” for our CDP kids!  There will be lots of fun activities planned to celebrate our children and their sponsorship!

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