CDP: another challenge!!

august 7
Vanesa was one of the children sponsored during our last challenge! She is sooooo grateful for her new sponsor and excited about this opportunity to be in the program!

We’re wrapping up this mini CDP post series today!

Now that you now have an inside view of child sponsorships and all the things our program here at Abaana’s Hope has going on this summer, I’d like to propose another challenge!!

I’m thrilled to report that this summer alone the ministry has processed over 27 new sponsorships through our CDP!  Praise the Lord for the ways He has blessed this specific ministry and given us the chance to continue in this work to help needy children which He began in Myron West’s life!  While all of this is super encouraging for our newly supported children, we still have many kids who eagerly await a first sponsor.

Let me introduce you to 8 of them…..

**Click on the child’s photo to learn more about him or her!**

So here are 3 things I’d like to challenge you to do today:

  1. Will you pray for these 8 children to receive support as soon as possible?  This is something everyone can do!  Pray for God to raise up donors who will generously give to help release these children from poverty and give them brighter hope for the future.  We certainly know His is able to do this!
  2. Please seek God about sponsoring one of these children yourself! If you are interested in sponsoring a child, click a photo above and follow the link to the child’s profile with Four Corners Ministries.  You’ll know you’ve reached the right place when you see a big blue button that says SPONSOR at the bottom of the page!
  3. Would you help us to spread the word that these children need support?  Maybe you’re not financially able to give at this time, but you still want to help– this is how!  Repost this blog to your own website and any social media to let your family, friends & other followers know of this challenge!

My heart is racing because I’m so excited about what the Lord will do over these next two weeks!

Let’s pray, put our faith into action, and see if we can have these precious kids all supported by August 31!

For more information about the Child Development Program and sponsorships, click HERE.

For more information about Four Corners Ministries, click HERE.


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