making passion fruit juice with Kevin

Back when I was so sick two weeks ago Kevin, the sweet lady who is our social worker for the CDP, pampered me with care for several days.  She brought over homemade g-nut paste (like peanutbutter), boiled eggs and homemade passion fruit juice to help me regain strength.  Because of those healthy foods/drink, consumed several times a day, along with my antibiotic and a whole lot of prayer, I was well before the weekend!

So this week I asked Kevin if she’d begin teaching me how to prepare all of these African delights.

lesson 1

passion fruit juice

For about 2 liters of juice we used 6 passion fruits, approx. 1.5 cups sugar and water till the juice tasted right 😉

Begin by washing ripe passion fruits. Over here we take special precaution when eating produce, because often times the soil & water used to grow them is contaminated with all sorts of disease and parasites. So we scrub our fruits & veggies in a vinegar & salt mixture just to ensure that they’re safe to eat!


Cut the fruit in half and scrape out the pulp and seeds into a strainer held over a cup.



Press the pulp with a spoon to begin squeezing out the juice.



Add about 1/3 of the sugar to the strainer with the pulp.  Kevin said that the coarseness of the sugar granules further helps the juice separate from the pulp and seeds.


From there, alternate adding water and the remaining sugar until all that’s left in the sifter are the seeds.


What you’re left with is a highly concentrated fruit juice.  So pour it into a larger pitcher and add more water till the juice thins out and suits your taste!


This juice is so addictive!  I’ve almost made it through my second jerry can of it!

If passion fruits are available where you live, you should definitely try making some juice yourself!


9 thoughts on “making passion fruit juice with Kevin

  1. Looks interesting to make the juice. I don’t know where I would get passion fruit close to my, and what is a jerry can? lol I am continuing with you along your journey, faithfully praying every day for you. HUGS!!!! Aunt Bobbie

  2. Passion fruit is awesome and the juice is great! I remember them from growing up in the Caribbean island of Dominican Repúblic

  3. This sounds so neat! I’ll have to see if they have seeds for it, or something where I live! Weeps
    Would love to taste it some day!

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