pray 2016: week of prayer

There are so many prayer requests for the month of September that I can’t condense them into one post!  So let’s spend the next week praying through them together!  Be sure to check back each day for specific ways you can be lifting up the Acholi people, FCM missionaries, and the ministry of Abaana’s Hope!

Recently I’ve been sitting in on AH leadership meetings every Monday morning at 9am.  I know I’m just the intern with no official leadership role, but considering the unusual circumstances of this summer and my involvement with CDP, it’s been very insightful for me to listen in on these conversations.  I now have a better understanding of the inner workings of the ministry and how each department relates to the others.  I also have a new appreciation for each job, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be, and the effort put forth by the managers to keep things running.

july 16

These things have challenged me to pray over our leaders regularly.  Would you pray too?  Please lift these names to the Lord and the work that they accomplish on a daily basis:

  • Farm – Winnie
  • Construction – Christopher
  • Clinic – Tony
  • Kitchen – Dorine
  • Landscape – Moses
  • Security – Alfred
  • Sports – Benson
  • Life Beads – Pam
  • Child Development Program – Kevin
  • Administration – Grace
  • Living Stones Community Church – Pastor Sunday
  • Living Stones Christian School – Beatrice
july 16
the kitchen where breakfast and lunch are prepared for AH workers 5 days a week

Pray for these leaders to put Jesus first and recognize that their purpose is to follow Christ and share the Good News!  Their positions of leadership are the platforms God has given them to share Jesus with the world!  Pray that they don’t lose sight of the mission and embrace every opportunity the Lord brings to demonstrate his love and hope.

july 16
the chicken coop

Pray for these leaders to seek wisdom from God and the council of others to discern what is best for the entire department, not only themselves.  Pray for them to make good decisions that will lead to growth in their area of leadership.

july 16
pathway leading from the borehole to the main drive

Pray for these leaders to be honest and trustworthy in their every action.

july 16
the clinic/office

Pray for the leaders who haven’t placed their faith in Jesus to be overwhelmed by the love and grace poured out on them by believers here and take interest in the hope we have.  Pray that God would draw their hearts to Himself as they hear the devotions that are shared each week and see the example of Christ in us as we faithfully proclaim the Message.


4 thoughts on “pray 2016: week of prayer

  1. I pray your words back to the Lord. It is so refreshing to see His work going on in the most remote parts of the world! Thank you for your vision and service!!

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