welcoming our friends!

Abaana’s Hope is buzzing with excitement because we have many friends, old and new, arriving this weekend!  From Thursday to Tuesday pray for safe travels these groups:

Holly & Rachel West – flying Thursday to Friday, driving to Gulu on Saturday.

The Payton family – flying Saturday to Sunday, driving to Gulu Tuesday.

The September team – flying Sunday to Monday, driving to Gulu Tuesday.

Also pray for The Mobbs family & Josh Moody as they drive back and forth the 5 hours from Gulu to Entebbe to pick the teams at the airport!

july 12
Holly & Rachel with some of their Acholi family, summer 2015.

Holly & Rachel really need you to be praying for them as they readjust to home.  Just today Holly posted on their blog a note of thanks to friends & family and shared of their plans to come back here to Gulu to be with their Acholi family for the next month.  Go read it….she is so strong and dependent on the Lord!  There’s still no way to know how emotional it will be for them to be back here without Myron, and even Ryan, who is now serving in the Coast Guard.  Landing in the airport and driving familiar roads, entering this house, walking the property of Abaana’s Hope and having so many flashbacks of the last 3 years….it’ll be so different, just the two of them now.  Learning what the new normal life looks like is going to be a bittersweet shock, but we know that the Lord has them in his hand and will direct them according to His plan.  Pray for extended measures of grace over them and for this next month to be a time of healing and renewal and continued guidance from the Lord for their future.  The story of Myron West and the journey his family has been on is still spreading worldwide and leading people to the Lord!  Pray that by having the West’s home again, the Acholi tribe will hear Myron’s testimony and see Holly’s and Rachel’s unwavering faith and strength and be drawn to give their lives to Jesus, the only Hope for life!

Pray for the Payton’s as they settle into their new long-term home.  Like I said of the Moody’s several months ago, leaving friends & family, and laying aside American conveniences and comforts to follow God’s prompting to replant their lives half way across the world takes crazy faith!  They’ll be having their own set of mixed emotions once they hit the ground and realize what they’re doing haha!  But God will fill their hearts with assurance of the rightness of His plan, and give them energy to get going, and show them in time where their perfect niches of service will be among these people to better bring Him glory.  It’ll be so awesome to have the Payton’s here!  I’ve only met them once, but they’ve already become dear friends which I know will also be my family by the time I leave this place.

And finally, lift up the team of ladies from Santuck Baptist Church in AL coming to serve at AH for a few days.  We really appreciate the time that they have devoted to come here and the huge help they’ll be to us during CDP Center Week (I’ll tell you about this tomorrow!).  The ladies also have plans to engage with women in the community, down the road at the rock quarry, and invest in our teenage girls, too.  It never ceases to amaze me how God brings teams here at just the right time!  This month it will be such a blessing to the missionary families to have these ladies here as both the West and Payton families make their transition, and to encourage those of us who have been here for several months.  They will also be a comfort to the Acholi people as we conduct a service on Sunday the 18th to honor Myron and celebrate his life and ministry here.


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