September “summer” break

If you’re a student living in the United States, you probably started school back for the year at the end of August.  Well guess what?  Kids in Uganda just wrapped up their second term on Thursday, so the month of September is their much-anticipated “summer” break!

september 6

Pray for the students to have a great holiday, remaining healthy, relaxing, hanging out with friends, volunteering around AH, and helping their parents with farm work at home.

september 9
Denis & Casey

Pray for our kids to keep out of trouble during break!  Without the structure of school or the careful watch of teachers throughout the day, some might be tempted to go out dancing or drinking at the center up the road.  There’s also been rumors of drugs being used in our local schools.  It would break my heart so much if these children followed fleshly passions and end up getting caught up in the wrong crowds and immoral lifestyles.  So pray that they would be wise and live lives worthy of their calling as witnesses of Christ.

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spending time with my sweet friend, Vicky

Two of our teenaged girls, Vicky and Jaqueline left on Wednesday for a week-and-a-half-long training course with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).  Pray that they will be stretched by the experience, being drawn nearer to Jesus and equipped as leaders to share the gospel with the kids from the community.  As I prayed over the girls before they left they seemed a bit nervous that they will have to stand before the class and share what they’ve learned from the course in English at the end of the week.  So ask the Lord for peace and boldness as they speak from the heart, sharing the story of redemption that has changed their lives!

august 18

Beginning on Monday, 45 of the local kids, specifically those who are sponsored through the Child Development Program, will be joining us at AH for 5 days packed with Bible lessons, praise & worship time, games, counseling, gospel presentations, crafts, and FOOD!!  It’s going to be awesome!!  Pray for the kids, that they will hear Jesus proclaimed and then experience Him in every other activity they participate in during Center Week.  Pray for the CDP staff (and me!!) as we put final touches on the schedule, prepare the Bible lessons and brainstorm ways to make this week exciting for the children.  Also lift up the Moody and Mobbs kids as they team up to give the gospel presentation on Thursday!

august 29
Judith, Mark, Sofia & Beatrice, teachers at Living Stones Christian School

And lastly, pray for our 4 teachers, Judith, Mark, Sofia and Beatrice.  They have done an unbelievable job instructing our kindergarteners this first year at Living Stones Christian School!  Pray that they are refreshed by this holiday, spending lots of family time, and that they will return to AH energized for the third term!


6 thoughts on “September “summer” break

  1. As always, beautiful update and pictures! Praying always! ❤

    Glory and honor are in his presence; strength and gladness are in his place.
    -1st Chronicles 16:27

  2. Praying for each of these teenagers that their hearts would be given to the only one who can truly make their lives meaningful and worthy of His mercy…..also praying for your example, Hannah to witness to each one. Hugs☺♥

  3. I’m praying, Hannah! I volunteer in the CEF ministry our church has at a nearby elementary school, and it such a wonderful ministry to be apart of. We begin Friday with about 150 kids! I will be praying for Vicky and Jacqueline.

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