the Women’s Refuge Center is growing!!

A new woman from the community of Kinene was recently accepted into the Women’s Refuge Program at Abaana’s Hope. Let me introduce you to our sweet sister, Santa!

september 9

Santa is a 50-year-old widow who suffers greatly from cancer.  This illness has greatly weakened her body over the last few months, limiting her ability to work on the farm to provide food, shelter, clothing and general support for her family.  When relatives witnessed Santa’s health rapidly decline they all abandoned her, including her two oldest children, leaving Santa to care for her younger sons, Vincent and Denis, alone.  

Being in the Women’s Refuge Program will provide Santa with opportunities to rebuild her family, learn new life skills, receive medical attention and most importantly help her to grow in her love and knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Well today was a very special time as we moved Santa and her sons to their new home at the Women’s Refuge Center.

september 22
Last minute roof repairs on Santa’s ot lum
september 22
september 22
Everyone hung, out waiting for them to arrive!
september 22
“Mama Rachel” & Comboni
september 22
All of Santa’s earthly belongings were brought to her new home in 3 bags
september 22
Santa & Denis (the other son, Vincent, couldn’t make it there for the welcome celebration today)
september 22
9-year-old Denis was beaming as he checked out his new home!
september 22
He’s such a fun kid! We also enrolled Denis in the Child Development Program this week to further help Santa provide for her family. If you would like to support Denis, CLICK HERE!!
september 22
Rachel & Morris

september 22

We praise Jesus for the work He already began in Santa’s life years ago when she trusted in Him.  Now we pray that by being a part of this ministry Santa and her sons come to know the Lord at a deeper level and that God will meet Santa’s urgent needs through participation in the program and help her family to thrive in this new environment!

If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Refuge Program at Abaana’s Hope, or if you’re interested in supporting Santa and the other women CLICK HERE!!

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