aceto gang

november 8

aceto gang = I’m going home

Tonight I’m sitting here with suitcases open, packing up my life and a bazillion memories from the most incredible season in Uganda.  Hard to believe I’m really, truly returning to America.

Like any goodbyes, leaving the Acholi people has been REALLY emotional.  For 6 months I’ve lived here on the ministry property, serving and sharing Jesus with them from sun up to sun down, parting ways with these beloved friends (now family!) makes my heart ache.

At the same time though I’m sitting here reflecting on all these beautiful months God has given and my heart can’t contain the joy and gratitude….So many friendships, children’s laughter, singing, dancing, Bible studies, hands on loving, and of course, the Name of Jesus being taken out into the community!!  I’ll never forget this experience….All praise and glory to God!

november 17
drawing by Jamilla….the roads connecting her home to mine ❤

Brothers and sisters, you have been a huge part of this journey and I can’t thank you enough for your faithful prayers and support!  I love you tons and can’t wait to be among you again!!

You may think it’s over now that I’m nearly stateside once more, but think again!  We’re really just flipping to a new chapter and gearing up for whatever God has planned in 2017!  So stick around….there’s new places to explore together, more souls to “catch others for Jesus” (as my friend Mary says) across the world!

Wanin (see you) very soon, my friends!

Abipaki, ai Rwot, kun amiyi wok ki cwinya ducu, abitito pi jami me aura-gu ducu ma itiyo.

Jabuli 9:1 (Psalm 9:1)


10 thoughts on “aceto gang

  1. Oh, wow! I know you must be feeling many bittersweet emotions right now! It seems like your time there has flown by, and it seems like only last week that you were getting ready to leave. I am so thankful your ministry efforts have been successful, and as you hate to leave them, I imagine they are heartbroken for you to leave. God bless you with safe travels home, sweet friend. I will be so happy to know that you are home safe and sound. Sending you love and hugs and praying for you!

  2. It’s so exciting thinking of the future, what Jesus has in store for everyone!
    I really loved the different language phrases!
    Wanin! 🙂 ❤

  3. Praying for you as you make the journey back. Can’t wait to see you and catch up on all things Uganda and life ❤ Love you so much, sister.

  4. I know your time there has been worthy with these precious kids,but let me be a little selfish now, as I see your family at the air port greeting your arrival home to the USA and more specifically Birmingham, Alabama. Then to get a “Hannah Hug” on Thursday will truly give your Aunt Bobbie a special sigh of relief to have you home once more where you are safe and healthyand sooooooooooooo loved….See you Thursday! Love you sweet Hannah☺

  5. Was checking to see if you had any new posts and realized today makes a month since you started your journey home. Just wanted to let you know I think and pray for you often still! You are such an inspiration to me ❤
    God bless you Hannah!

    1. Hey Faith! You are the sweetest for checking in! I’m home and well! The culture shock is just beginning to set in as the holidays are past and I’m figuring out how to settle back into this American lifestyle…it’ll take time and dependence on Christ all the more! I appreciate your prayers, sweet friend!

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