memories of God’s faithfulness

I’m not quite ready to blog regularly again….but several of you sweet people have asked me where I disappeared to and how life is going now, so I thought I’d post a little something…

I’m happily back in Sweet Home Alabama!  Reentry to Western culture and my former lifestyle continues to shock me daily, often leaving me feeling misplaced and totally speechless.  I’ll probably readjust better over time…it may just take awhile and a lot of patience.

There is such JOY in my heart right now, and I can’t even put it into words.  Because I know that God is completely sovereign in each phase of life, the reality of being back here for awhile doesn’t make me too sad or depressed as it has in the past.  I certainly reflect on Uganda a ton and have my little meltdowns (like singing 10,000 Reasons in service this past Sunday made me lose it as I remembered singing it last with Benson and the CDP kids) BUT I am also just so content to bloom where I’m planted and discover what God would have me do HERE, in this single moment, to bring Him glory.

I would still appreciate your prayers as I settle (as much as possible 😉 ) here and pray for God’s wisdom in making decisions about the future.  For the next several months my focus will simply be on resting and recharging.

This morning I was hired at my favorite donut shop (eeeeek!!)!!!  It’ll definitely be a different environment than advocating for the children in the Child Development Program everyday, but certainly a place full of potential for new relationships and open doors to share the Gospel. I’m so excited to be a part of the positive impact this business is having on the community!  Working here will help me fulfill my new years goal to to shower unconditional, fiercely radical, Christ-like love on everyone I meet!

Goodnight, my dear friends!  I love you!  I have prayed a prayer for you this evening and hope you are discovering the fulness of joy and peace in God’s love and presence this new year!

Now here is a batch of pictures I found tucked away ❤ Ahhh, I am so thankful for these memories of God’s faithfulness in 2016 that’ll be engraved on my heart forever.

Uganda 2016
Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016
Grace, Maurine & Jamilla
Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016
Jamilla, Morris & Sunday…these kiddos, along with a few other classmates graduated from K-3 shortly after I left UG!
Uganda 2016
Uganda 2016
Jamilla & Desta

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016
Uganda 2016
Rose, Carolyn, Santa, Rose, Joyce, Winnie, Stephen, Sunday, soldier wife & John Bosco

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016

Uganda 2016
Lucy & Chase
Uganda 2016
I took this to remember my Acholi nickname- “Labolo”, meaning “banana”. You know…like “Hannah Banana”?!  …”Hannah Labolo” 🙂
Uganda 2016
Uganda 2016
Maurine, me & Ramond

Now let’s explore the beauties of 2017 together!!


12 thoughts on “memories of God’s faithfulness

  1. So happy to see a post from you, sweet Hannah! I imagine it IS a huge culture-shock to re-enter life where is so much excess, after seeing the conditions where you were. God has dealt with my family and me SO much over the past, few years to stop holding on to excess and to turn loose and let go of so much in order to live life more eternity-focused and not so fixated on the things of this life. I can’t imagine how much these facts would be magnified to the eyes of one who has been to these other places and then to come home and realize just how stark is the contrast. God bless you as you try to adjust to life here again, and best wishes on your new job!

  2. Oh my, a donut shop, you’re probably feeling like you’re in heaven working there!!😉
    I so love these pictures, especially of the books and “tire shoes” and of the feet dancing!
    Awe, Hannah banana! That’s funny! 🍌Do you like bananas?

  3. I know what it´s like readjusting from a long/short term mission trip. It´s hard, but you have come back as a oval person, no longer looking through the small circle you see through when you live in everyday life. I´m both excited and proud of you! YAY JESUS!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful post! It was refreshing to read about Gods goodness as you strive to bloom where you’re planted. That’s so sweet that you got a job at a donut place!!
    The banana nickname is the best. I totally get it as I’ve often been called the same. 😉

  5. Hello my sweet Hannah Ashley, I am so happy that you are getting the rest and recharging that you so desperately need. Tickled that you have found a job to finance your journey, and pray that you will find your calling here in the USA as there are many opportunities to help the poor here, and I am being selfish to want you to stay here with us and where you have access to medical care immediately when you need it….You might want to take some photography courses there at UAB….you are so talented in that field too. Hugs sweet Hannah. You know I love you and support you in any thing you do…….Love you, Aunt Bobbie

  6. Oh, girly!! I so enjoyed reading this post!
    I won’t pretend to know how you’re feeling since I don’t, but I am so inspired by your cheerful attitude to simply be content and bloom where you are planted. That’s so encouraging to hear! 💛
    Yay, for getting a job at the donut shop! I know you will thoroughly enjoy that and be a huge blessing to all those you meet.
    Loved these pictures, especially the last one of you, Maurine, & Ramond – so much joy. ❤
    Hugs & prayers! 💙

  7. Awe I loved hearing an update!!
    Your outlook on where you are in life right now is so inspiring! I can only imagine how it must feel to be back in the states after such a long stay in Uganda!
    How awesome to get a job at the donuts shop!! I love donuts!
    I can’t explain how happy those pictures made me ❤ Thanks for sharing.
    I still pray for you often, and I'm thankful for you ❤

  8. Hey Hannah,

    I really related to your post. I recently returned from Western Uganda at the end of November. I was teaching at a homeschool for 10 months. Coming back was the hardest culture shock I’ve ever experienced. Daily I have pangs in my heart, shock that still happens.

    In this season we are together. I pray for you! For this season, it’s a season to lean evermore on Christ’s great love.

  9. I loved this post! I just read your blogs fairly often and
    you’re always coming out with great stuff. I shared this on my facebook and my
    follwers loved it! Keep up you’ll be able to work.

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