count in Acholi

It’s a wonder how seemingly little things can completely light up someone’s day.  Like these kids and this video did for me.  I remember the moment like it was yesterday…

My favorite little people at Living Stones Christian School taught me how to count in their language back when I was in Gulu.  I know, how sweet is that?!!  Whenever I’d drop by their classroom during the week they’d try quizzing me to see how well I remembered the numbers.  With a LOT of coaching, laughter and practice I finally mastered 1 thru 20.  So this morning I thought you might find it exciting to learn the Acholi numbers, too!  Don’t be shy…really try saying them aloud!  I hope they keep you smiling the rest of the day!

**helpful hint: in Acholi the letter “c” is pronounced like “ch”.**

1 = acel

2 = aryo

3 = adek

4 = agwen

5 = abic

6 = abicel

7 = abiro

8 = aboro

9 = abugwen

10 = apar

11 = apar acel

12 = apar aryo

13 = apar adek

14 = apar agwen

15 = apar abic

16 = apar abicel

17 = apar abiro

18 = apar aboro

19 = apar abugwen

20 = pyere aryo

Thank you sooooo much Steward, Stella, Prossy, Deborah, Desta, Beyoncé, Jamilla, Daniel, Blessing and Maurine for being the best Acholi teachers and your Auntie Hannah’s greatest joy!


5 thoughts on “count in Acholi

  1. This was so cute! I can’t wait to see them! I tried pronouncing these numbers and I’m sure I did it wrong. But it was fun to try!

  2. What some precious little children!! I know you must miss them Hannah Ashley, and I am sure they miss you too. So many children, so little time. Praying for your peace now that you are back in the USA☺ Love you always, Aunt Bobbie.

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