happiness tag

What makes you happy?  Do you often take time to think of those simple things that bring a special light to your heart or smile to your face?

A sweet friend, Paige, invited me to participate in another blog tag, and this one’s all about happiness!  Here are my answers.  I’d love to hear what makes you happy, too!happiness tag

SMELLS that make me happy:

freshly fried donuts….I mean, how could I NOT??!! I get to smell them for hours upon hours every week, and I even come home smelling like sugary glaze…ahhhhh!!

my older sister’s sourdough bread

red clay roads in Uganda….they have a peculiar scent you can’t describe, just experience 🙂

Georgia Peach candle from Bed Bath & Beyond….y’all, I sniffed this one when I was out shopping with a friend and knew I couldn’t leave the store without it!!

“Traveler” perfume from Francesca’s

SONGS that make me happy:

I actually don’t listen to tons of music, but these are a couple of great ones that have played on my Spotify mix recently:

Lift the Name – Highlands Worship

No Wonder – River Valley Worship

The Gospel – Ryan Stevenson

The Cause of Christ – Kari Jobe

Magnify – We Are Messengers

Christ is Enough – Hillsong Live

Love on the Line – Hillsong Worship

Holy Spirit Have Your Way – Leeland

oh! and most definitely Beauty and the Beast….and the whole soundtrack from the new live action movie!! playing it 24/7 🙂

WORDS that make me happy:





amari (i love you in Acholi ❤ )

cuddle & snuggle….do these not have the cutest ring to them?? my nephew is the best snuggle buddy!

SOUNDS that make me happy:

ocean waves

shutter clicks


OTHER THINGS that make me happy:

morning quiet time where I seek Jesus in prayer and Bible reading

beachy road trips with besties



Charleston, SC



safaris with friends

having a clean bedroom + workspace

THESE T-SHIRTS and placing the first order this morning!!!

my sisters

new cultures

baseball games


cradling newborn babies

Ugandan playmates

face masks

passion fruit popsicle at Steel City Pops

adventures in Birmingham


6 thoughts on “happiness tag

  1. I’m so so glad you did this girl!!! ❤ I love everything that makes you happy! ^_^ Your posts are wonerful..as always!! <333

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