aceto gang

aceto gang = I’m going home Tonight I’m sitting here with suitcases open, packing up my life and a bazillion memories from the most incredible season in Uganda.  Hard to believe I’m really, truly returning to America. Like any goodbyes, leaving the Acholi people has been REALLY emotional.  For 6 months I’ve lived here on the ministry property, serving … More aceto gang


You are my treasure and my reward.  Let nothing ever come before. First \\ Lauren Daigle God’s divine hand in all of this is so evident.  In the 10 months I’ve been at home He’s worked millions of miracles behind the scenes.  To name a few, I’m just so grateful that He provided me with several consistent … More First

teach them Jesus

Around 9:15 each week I walk down the hallway at church, smiling and hugging people as I pass them, ending up in front of the 3rd room on the right, the two’s and toddlers class. I’m never late, but there are always one or two kids who have beat me to the room and have already covered the floor … More teach them Jesus

Why God Called Us

When Christians today are asked what aspects of the Christian life are most important to them, missions is not usually ranked as a priority.  This is because we have lost track of why God called us in the first place.  We were not saved from our sin simple so that we would qualify for heaven. … More Why God Called Us