Why God Called Us

When Christians today are asked what aspects of the Christian life are most important to them, missions is not usually ranked as a priority.  This is because we have lost track of why God called us in the first place.  We were not saved from our sin simple so that we would qualify for heaven. … More Why God Called Us

Exploring Winnipeg

In case you’ve just begun following this journey, don’t be confused!  Yes, this is still a blog of ministry in Africa.  I was unexpectedly blessed with the opportunity to share the Gospel in Canada for a week back in August.  This week I finally got around to writing about it 😉 If you haven’t read earlier … More Exploring Winnipeg

God Moments

On Thursday afternoon, August 27, our team drove across town to spend the rest of the day in the “D” (aka the developments/projects) of Northend Winnipeg.  Splitting up into groups we worked our way through each complex, knocking on doors and making contact with the families in the community. In my group we had a chance to … More God Moments

Canada, eh?

In Bible times the people of God passed down stories for hundreds of years.  Their children, and children’s children, and their children all recounted the ways He guided their families through the wilderness to the Promised Land, and how from the line of David came the Savior of the world- Jesus!  They’re still passing along this tradition… This … More Canada, eh?

Open Doors

I’m headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!!! It’s a missions trip through my church, only a week and a half away!! Wait!  Say that again?! God works in some wild ways, y’all!  While I was in Uganda this summer I shared the Gospel through discipleship specifically among the Acholi women out at Abaana’s Hope.  Discipleship? What is that anyway?  Simply … More Open Doors