Farewell 2015

I’m saying goodbye to 2015 a little differently.  While it was by far the most amazing year of my life and I have thanked the Lord thousands of times for his blessings, I’m simply going to make a confession tonight then embrace the new year without looking back (well…you may see one or two more … More Farewell 2015

A King Like This

A King like this  \ Majesty Laying in a manger \ A King like this  \ Unto us is born a Savior \ The Light, the Light has come A King like this \ A throne of grace That will stand forever \ The angels sing \ glory, glory, hallelujah \ The Light, the Light has come He is Christ, … More A King Like This

Merry Christmas!

To all my friends and family across the globe… May the Hope of Christ Jesus fill your hearts this week and remind you of God’s special gift to us which we can now take to the world! Come, let us adore Him! ❤ Hannah For unto us a child is born, to us a son is … More Merry Christmas!

Hey Birmingham!

Christmas Day is right around the corner (like 2 weeks, y’all!  Crazy!)!  Have you finished shopping for gifts? If you’re still looking for something last minute for the girls on your list, consider buying Life Beads! Not only will your friends and family look adorable wearing this cute and classy jewelry but they will also be supporting the … More Hey Birmingham!

Exploring Winnipeg

In case you’ve just begun following this journey, don’t be confused!  Yes, this is still a blog of ministry in Africa.  I was unexpectedly blessed with the opportunity to share the Gospel in Canada for a week back in August.  This week I finally got around to writing about it 😉 If you haven’t read earlier … More Exploring Winnipeg

God Moments

On Thursday afternoon, August 27, our team drove across town to spend the rest of the day in the “D” (aka the developments/projects) of Northend Winnipeg.  Splitting up into groups we worked our way through each complex, knocking on doors and making contact with the families in the community. In my group we had a chance to … More God Moments