Open Doors

I’m headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!!! It’s a missions trip through my church, only a week and a half away!! Wait!  Say that again?! God works in some wild ways, y’all!  While I was in Uganda this summer I shared the Gospel through discipleship specifically among the Acholi women out at Abaana’s Hope.  Discipleship? What is that anyway?  Simply … More Open Doors

Sweet Home Alabama

Friends & family, you mean the world to me!  Thank you so much for being the amazing friends that you are!  I wouldn’t have survived the summer without the body of Christ covering me with prayer like you did. ❤ Sorry for the delay, guys… YES!!!  I made it back safely a few days ago, and am … More Sweet Home Alabama

Joy in the Jewelry Room

“A joyful heart is good medicine…” \\ Proverbs 17:22\\ What thoughts fill your mind and heart when you see photos like these? Believe it or not, the jewelry room didn’t always look like this.  These women didn’t come in every morning chattering, telling stories, laugh or singing as we experience now.  You’d rarely see the … More Joy in the Jewelry Room

Spiritual Warfare

Can you pray with me today?  As departure draws closer (only 6 weeks now- woohoo!) I find myself struggling with some rough things during preparation.  Like the team and I discussed last week, distractions are huge for many of us as the final pieces and parts come together for this trip.  It’s a matter of spiritual … More Spiritual Warfare

So Thankful

Oh my goodness, guys!  If I could only grab you up in the biggest hug right now, I’d squeeze you tight and whisper in your ear over and over and over again Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!! I feel like I’ve already exhausted every possible expression of gratitude over the last few months.  I am … More So Thankful