Christ is enough

Christ is my reward / And all of my devotion / Now there’s nothing in this world / That could ever satisfy / Through every trial / My soul will sing / No turning back / I’ve been set free Christ is enough for me / Christ is enough for me / Everything I need is in You / Everything I need Christ my all … More Christ is enough

this song

I just heard this beautiful heartcry of worship and consumed longing for Jesus!!  So beautiful! This is my new prayer….Let love come teach me who you are again…Take me back to the place where my heart was only about You…I’m full but I’m not satisfied, this longing to have more of You. I have come to … More this song

pray 2016 | leaving

It’s so weird to be packing my bags.  Officially PACCCCKKKKIIINNGGG!!!!  Oh such a thrill!  I simply can’t contain myself! Though at some point in the midst of list checking and shopping for supplies this past week it finally hit me that this isn’t all excitement.  There’s sorrow, too. I’m leaving. And it makes my heart heavy.  Ahhh I don’t … More pray 2016 | leaving

Thank You Jesus

Grace that flows like a river \ washing over me \ fount of heaven \ love of Christ \ overflow in me Thank you Jesus \ You set me free \ Christ my Savior \ You rescued me You’ve given me life \ You’ve opened my eyes \ I love you Lord \ I love you … More Thank You Jesus

All I Want

Steal away my selfish gain \ Lead me into your perfect ways, O Lord \ Keep my heart fixed upon \ Bringing glory to Your name My delight is found only in \ The splendor of Your love \ Your presence, O God \ I find My joy is in Your truth My desire is {MORE OF YOU} in my life \ Nothing satisfies like You God \ Flood my eyes … More All I Want