my story

The Christ-centered home I was raised in had a great impact on me during my childhood and Jesus drew my young heart to Himself when I was just 6 years old.  Through the years my faith increased, especially as as I read the Bible and kept involved in church.  Yet for the most part my Christianity was merely religious motions and empty words.  What my profession of faith greatly lacked was a true, intimate relationship with the Lord.  Thankfully, He never stopped pursuing that connection with me though I ignored His nudges for so long, and He caused me to fall for Him, fully surrendered and unashamedly committed to following the Him when I was 12.

Anjulie & I // Maracaibo, Venezuela 2007.

Christ turned my life upsidedown and totally changed my perception of material things, activities, people, and my overall purpose in life.  There was a new excitement to go out and tell others how God saved and changed my heart that exploded from me and just never stopped!

My interest in global missions began with a mission trip to South America in 2007.  Following that trip I was inspired to read missionary biographies and quickly became obsessed!  It was the accounts of C.T. Studd, Rowland Bingham and David Livingstone which birthed my interest in Africa.  During those days my uncle’s ministry also had a small missions clinic operating out of South Sudan. As he shared stories from His visits to the bush God broke my heart in an even deeper way over the endless cycle of poverty and and the hopeless lives tribal people all over Eastern Africa lived without Christ.  My mind was unable to even comprehend the brokenness.  Somehow I just knew deep down in my soul that God’s calling on my life was to share the Gospel and serve in Africa.  I felt knit to those people in some deep way and I just had to be with them!

Naturally, I  immediately wanted to take action and move to my new “dream land”!  But God, being very consistent in His ways, didn’t send me out immediately.  As was common even in Bible times, when God calls people to a particular task for the future He often times makes them to walk through a “desert” for many years in preparation for that mission.  In my case there were 4 painstakingly LOOOONG years right here at home in which the Lord carefully refined my faith and equipped my heart to best share the gift of Jesus with my African brothers and sisters.  Along the way many of my lifelong dreams simply had to die as I learned to only thirst after Jesus and His ways.  Other dreams fully blossomed, reminding me of the loving-kindness the Father has for His children.  Through that entire season God taught me tons about contentment, helped me win battles against pride and insecurity, and assured me of His protection no matter where I am in the world.

Yes, I did eventually make my way onto African soil….and oh what a delight it was to finally wrap those beautiful people up in hugs like they were my long lost family!!  Short term trips to both South Sudan & Uganda between 2012 & 2014 fueled my excitement about serving in Africa and gave me a greater vision for what a longer commitment might be like.  Still, neither of those trips really confirmed what the future held.  I just kept trusting God to light each step, and it just so happened that He faithfully did that 🙂

June & July 2015 I returned to Uganda as an intern with Four Corners Ministries.  It was an amazing time of exploration, getting to actually live in Africa and spend 2 months floating around the various areas of the ministry at Abaana’s Hope to see if I might fit well into any particular role, and learning to share the Gospel with the people.  I guess you’d call it a success because during that summer I left kicking and screaming, and it was impossible to ignore the immediate urgency God placed on my heart to return the next year!  A plan to serve mid-term in Uganda for 6 months in 2016 quickly fell into place and now I realize why God timed it as He did!

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Jamilla & I // Gulu, Uganda 2016

The second internship, spanning from June to November 2016, is one I still struggle to describe.  It was the best and hardest season of my life- faith stretching as I was given greater assignments, overwhelming and joyous as we shared Jesus and built strong friendships among the nationals, and sorrowful as we mourned the death of our missionary friend.  The most defining theme of that whole half-year was the sovereign will of God…finally grasping the reality that God totally has the power over life and death, health and illness, hardened and softened souls.  He divinely draws people to Himself on His timetable and in mysterious ways no human can take credit for.  And most surprising to me was the fact that the Creator of the universe gives the most ordinary people like you and me His very Spirit and the boldness to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel every single day of our lives so that the whole world will acknowledge and praise His Name!  WOW!

Now it’s 2017 God’s path has led me back to the U.S.A.  Maybe I’ll be back in Africa in the future….or maybe I’ll stay here in Birmingham, Alabama for awhile.  Or maybe, just maybe, my next stop will even be somewhere completely different!  The unknowns of the future are….well….unknown!

So what I cling to and believe with unshakable faith is that Jesus is Lord!!  He is the Time-Maker, Life-Giver and the Savior of the world.  He loves the nations and came to bring salvation to all people who would believe on Him.  And I am an ambassador for the Kingdom, committed to passionately proclaiming the life and hope of Christ to the world for the rest of my life!

All glory to God!

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.
Acts 1:8