count in Acholi

It’s a wonder how seemingly little things can completely light up someone’s day.  Like these kids and this video did for me.  I remember the moment like it was yesterday… My favorite little people at Living Stones Christian School taught me how to count in their language back when I was in Gulu.  I know, how sweet is that?!!  Whenever I’d … More count in Acholi

Christ is enough

Christ is my reward / And all of my devotion / Now there’s nothing in this world / That could ever satisfy / Through every trial / My soul will sing / No turning back / I’ve been set free Christ is enough for me / Christ is enough for me / Everything I need is in You / Everything I need Christ my all … More Christ is enough

aceto gang

aceto gang = I’m going home Tonight I’m sitting here with suitcases open, packing up my life and a bazillion memories from the most incredible season in Uganda.  Hard to believe I’m really, truly returning to America. Like any goodbyes, leaving the Acholi people has been REALLY emotional.  For 6 months I’ve lived here on the ministry property, serving … More aceto gang

pray 2016: october

Sweet friends & family…. Thank you for the overwhelming support you’ve been to me on this journey, especially when it comes to praying through the requests I post every month! I know God is working through your prayers because I see His answers in action every day here at Abaana’s Hope!  The Gospel is spreading and lives are changing through … More pray 2016: october

evenings like this

We studied the Bible together.  Sang songs of praise.  Prayed.  Laughed.  Made silly faces.  Took pictures.  Cherished the gift of friends, old and new.  We loved being with each other so much it was hard to drive away at dark. Evenings like this always go down in the books among my favorites.

joyce’s & jennifer’s land

Each of the 5 women currently benefitting from the Women’s Refuge Program are at various stages of accomplishing their goals set by the ministry.  Some are still beginning (like Santa) and are getting going learning animal husbandry skills and financial accountability, while others are nearing the end of the process and are spending their own personal savings on land and homes! Joyce and … More joyce’s & jennifer’s land